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Mecamar NV is a machining subcontractor for primarily pharma and food industries that blends more than fifty years of experience with a young, dynamic and flexible approach. By combining craftsmanship and knowledge with the passion of the 40 dedicated employees, our customers enjoy the quality products they expect.


Thanks to continuous investments in our high-tech machinery, the recent expansion of the production plant and the consistent improvement of the production process, Mecamar has the capabilities to provide complete solutions. Whenever specialty services are required, such as heat and/or surface treatment , we have developed a long standing relationship with third parties.

Through the involvement of our passionate employees, a well-thought work preparation, a flexible and organised workflow, as well as our in-house logistics, we make sure our customers benefit from quality products delivered on time.

Our Values

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    Quality standards

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    Flexibility & Service

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    Great knowledge of materials and innovative solutions

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    Solutions innovantes


Mecamar was founded in 1966 as a small independent business by Marcus Dhont, a certified watchmaker. His never-ending fascination for fine mechanics quickly led to its growth and the addition of 12 employees.

1997 marks the moment when Marcus passes the company to his children, Christophe and Isabelle, who are still in charge of the company to this day. Upon completion of his engineering studies in 1992, Christophe bought the first CNC machinery. Since then, Mecamar enjoyed a steady upswing and made a name for itself, especially when it comes to quality products in Belgium as well as abroad.

Christophe & Isabelle

Stichting Mecamar, november 1966

Quality control

The single most important aspect in the high-tech industry is the utmost attention to detail. The customer needs to be able to completely rely on the quality of our finished products. By developing a complete production process, we can maintain control of the entire manufacturing cycle, therefore retaining the ability to deliver high-end quality to our customers.

The thermally stabilised inspection room forms the heart of our quality control. Fully detailed analysis are available to our customers upon request such as:

  • 3.1.B material certificate
  • Measuring report
  • Hardness measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Laser etching and/or engraving on finished parts

Additional services such as stamping can be provided if requested.

Overzicht meetapparatuur


X=800 mm Y=1500 mm Z=700 mm 3 + 2 axes , including 2D-scanning and 3D-scanning


X=650 mm Y=1000 mm Z=500 mm 3 + 2 axes, including 2D-scanning


X=500 mm Y=1000 mm Z=400 mm 3 + 2 axes, inclusief 2D-scanning and 3D-scanning

Roughness measuring device DIAVITE DH-5

Mobile hardness measuring device Equotip Type D

Hardness measuring device Galileo

Laser engraving device